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Eccentric Roller Bearing


Eccentric roller bearings mainly include outer ring, inner ring, rolling element basket and rolling element. The eccentric bearing is simple in structure and convenient in use, greatly simplifies the eccentric mechanism, and saves labor, time and assembly in the machining of the eccentric mechanism.


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One is a double-layer double-row tapered roller eccentric bearing; the other is a single-layer raceway small clearance or negative clearance cylindrical roller bearing, which is mainly installed on both sides of the printing plate cylinder and the impression cylinder of the printing press; The other is a double-layer raceway with an inner and outer eccentric negative clearance cylindrical roller bearing unit, which is installed on both sides of the rubber cylinder of the printing press. Compared with conventional rolling bearings, hollow cylindrical roller bearings have the functions of strong vibration absorption, long precision life and overload protection due to their special structure.
Application of eccentric roller bearings: reducer, petrochemical, textile, metallurgy, mining, steel mill, etc. light and heavy machinery, etc.

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